Monday, 14 May 2018


Hey guys.
Why I didn't show any of my picture in this blog? Am I hiding? Nope. I'm not hiding. I'm just not confident enough. And I put myself as someone with bipolar condition. I have multiple personality. Sometimes I'm happy, sometimes I'm sad out of nowhere, and sometimes I just bland *no emotion.

And that's why I change how my blog looks for like more than dozen time! I love writing blog but I still afraid to open wide about myself. I don't want all the peoples who knows me, knowing that I have a blog. I felt embarrassed about that. So, by keeping incognito I can still share what I want. 

When I'm gonna reveal my face? I don't know tho. I'm still trying to gain more confident. I hate myself because of that. I keep hiding for like couple of years tho. I just need a confident booster. Is there anyone out there sell it? x_x

Well, I know one day I will reveal myself :)

.End of post.

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